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Rajakumari Deivamatha Catholic Syrian Church

Rajakumari is a small town in the Western Ghats mountain region. Now, it is primarily known to the world by the presence of the Deivamatha catholic Syrian church, a pilgrim centre of Holy Mary. A historical investigation will bring us to 8th century, beyond which nothing is certain. This area was under the rule of Arwar, a king in Chera dynasty. It is believed that Chera culture was prevailing here. Inhabitants were a mixture of Tamilians, Telungu and Kannadas. Historians also believe in another migration from Pandya in Samkha period. Some remnants of great ancient had been found, viz. Ornaments, stonal seats, large pitchers made of clay to bury the human bodies called nannangady, rooms made of big stone pieces to bury the dead bodies of the monks named muniyara.

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